The Features of the Best Online Accounting Software


Thirty years after the presentation of the first accounting application for small businesses on the PC, the list of options for the best online accounting software is quite long. Nowadays, all new solutions are based on the cloud, but you can order your own accounting software both online or desktop.

However, in general, accounting services are mostly online and benefit from migration, since you can use it from anywhere. In addition, you get a considerable simplification and improvement of usability, mainly during the online transition.

What Do the Best Online Accounting Services Do?

Each of these applications has its own appearance and feature set, but has the following similarities.

Friendly User Interface and Navigation


Subscription Model

Accounting apps based on the cloud: they mostly have a superior appearance. Several types of online services are not so graphically attractive, but they don’t need to be. Charts are used when they make sense, such as when diagrams and charts are displayed or in the case of invoice forms. Navigation and data entry take clues from desktop software using static and drop-down lists, icons and buttons, blank fields and toolbars. But when you order custom software, it can be anything you want it to be.

Desktop software is expensive and there are hundreds of products in dollars, but it is likely that it is not safe to use it, you are asked to update it in twelve months. The online model allows you to pay the seat fee you need. In general, you can sign up for a free trial version and you can pay one of approximately $ 5 to $ 70 per month on the accounting website. Normally, it is not subject to a contract. In addition, all updates are integrated and all data is backed up in the cloud. Of course, if the service (or Internet connection) goes down, you're lucky.

Multiple Versions

The best web-based accounting software allow you to use multiple services at different prices, so you can buy the version closest to your needs. When you need more power or the exact functionality, it best to develop your own system.

Simple and Familiar Language

In informal conversations such as debit, credit, ledger, chart of accounts, you can not delete some of the terms or phrases that do not normally appear. However, developers who have created the best accounting site today will definitely be in a language that hides it, when absolutely necessary. Although double entry accounting can not avoid the fact that it is a complex process that must obey the rules, these assistant-based services are hidden in the most complex way possible.

Integration with Complementary Services

The future accounting is based on two areas: cloud and integration. SMB, which is experiencing tremendous growth and complexity, needs to move to the next level of cloud-based financial management applications, such as NetSuite, Learn More Netsuite and Intacct. However, the business turnover, the cost, if you need more flexibility and function in a particular field, such as inventory management, there are a number of complementary solutions that can be connected to the service, such as QuickBooks Online and Xero. When developing your own software, you order integration with any services you need.

Mobile Version

Because cloud-based accounting applications can access financial data anywhere and anytime, developers can use at least part of the main site's functionality with smartphones and tablets. Kashoo created the application for iPad for the first time. One Up was actually developed for mobile devices and, from then on, it could only be used with a web browser.

Interactive Website


Several small entrepreneurs love working with numbers, but many people want to sign accounting applications and redo the necessary things. The interactive homepages, or the panels of these websites, serve primarily two purposes. First, mark the tasks that require attention and provide an overview of the finances using graphs, charts and tables that quickly summarize the income, expenses and cash flows in real time. Second, since most of the panels on these sites contain links to the work screens, no matter what you need that day, you can send or receive invoices, or transfer data between accounts.

How to Get the Best Solution for Business


Very often a ready-made software can’t meet the needs of your business and appears to be too expensive in the long run. The best solution is to order custom online accounting software and integrate any features you need. Contact us to discuss your requirement.