Building Apps: Try Do It Yourself, but Decide on Professionals


Building apps is a craft that our software development agency have honed to perfection. We deliver top-notch applications for all business needs.

However, if you are not ready for a large scale project, you may try building an app on your own.There are several app building platforms that can help you develop and design your first app without spending too much money or coding skills. You may try them to create a prototype or even an MVP.


ShoutEm is an open source platform for developers who are building mobile apps in React Native, the first base of JavaScript code developed by Facebook and Instagram.

The platform allows users to build cross-platform native mobile applications. It offers over 200 customizable layouts and visual styles to meet business needs.

Appery is a mobile cloud-based app constructor for building Android or iOS apps, including Ionic, Apache Cordova (Phone Gap), jQuery Mobile with access to its internal components.

Because the builder runs in the cloud, there is no need to install or download it, and it's easy to start the development quickly. Builder includes a visual editor that uses drag-and-drop components to create user interfaces. Appery automatically generates code for any component you enter. You may connect to any REST API and use it in the app, and if you need to store data, add the cloud database and the backend to your application immediately.


TheAppBuilder offers a suite of apps for employees, customers, events, and brochures in two different ways. If you build your app as a corporate intranet, this can be a platform. You can build apps using the online toolkit, and the training provided or TheAppBuilder itself will work with you to define and build the application framework and fill it with the initial content.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a DIY cloud-based app building tool that allows users with no programming skills to create applications and publish them to just about any platform. No need to install or download - just drag and drop the page to create your own application online. Once complete, you'll receive a hybrid HTML5-based program for all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and even progressive applications. All reviews are real-time, capable of sending push notifications, monetize ads, view real-time analytics, and track locations using GPS. You can also integrate audio, websites, social media feeds, blogs, and more.



BiznessApps provides a platform that allows building apps for small businesses through a very simple process. It offers a variety of features including ordering, shopping carts, reviews, news, dynamic content, third-party integration, push notifications, comprehensive review and more.

An easy-to-use CMS allows you to build applications in minutes and customize everything with pre-designed designs or your own design. There is also a live preview to check the progress as you design and build your application.

Are Online App Builders a Good Choice for Business?


As our experience shows, to achieve success a business requires a professional tool. Whether you need to manage your workflow or customer relations, automate document flow or provide your employees with the remote access to corporate data, it is always better to build an app with a professional team. In fact, you always get what you pay for. Contact us to discuss your project and make sure that we can deliver top quality at a fair price.