Featured Cases

Custom Software Solutions


Smart Light


Working with Australian IoT startup, we have developed a complex software system which consisted of web simulator and mobile application. The idea of startup project is a smart house case which was dedicated to the light system control. Web simulator was built to reflect the system’s work via the intuitive user interface, while mobile application enables remote control of the system. Together they provide users with capabilities to improve lighting quality and significantly increase energy saving.


Activity Pal


Our task was to build a mobile application with a social network functionality with the main idea to unite people based on their location and interests. It presents an easy and fun way to discover and create events both private and public via mobile devices. Thus, users can add activity or event, join existing occasions, chat with people individually and in groups and leave comments, share pictures and events with other users. Users can restrict the access to their events or let anyone with shared interests join the activity. Thereby, the app can have strong promotion capability and work as a marketing tool as well.


Store System


A cloud-based POS (point of sales) integrated with an inventory management system was one of our latest projects as we were asked to build a program that can manage and accept online and offline payments. The program presents an efficient bookkeeping tool for brick-and-mortar and online stores. It also can maintain customer’s data and assist in managing and operating discounting and loyalty programs. Our customised POS system automatically takes away products as they are checked out of the system and enables businesses to handle multiple stores and multiple products reducing the operational costs and increasing the turnover rate and sales.


Top Apps


The app idea was to create an efficient tool that helps users discover trends among other apps. The program presents a sort of reviewing platform for mobile applications. It enables users to discover hot apps and share their own preferences. It allows users always be aware of the applications people are talking about and find honest feedback from the real people. Users can personalise their feed by following people with shared interests. The search is optimised with three filters which include location, hashtags, and app names letting users find what they need in an easy and intuitive manner.


Camp Zone


Our customer approached us to create a mobile application which will help users to find a good camping place around Australia. We built a program that offers more than 3000 researched campsites. Users can find nearby locations being on the go or browser proven camping areas in the specified location. Besides, users can search by facilities or keywords whether it should be a dog-friendly place or beach camp with fishing facilities. After visiting the place, users can leave their review on the place and share their experience.




The application was developed to promote nightlife in Australia and provide both local public and tourists with the recommendations about top pubs. Our customer wanted to create a mobile application which will operate as a directory for local pubs including every pub from historic places in Sydney to the cosy bars in the outback towns. Users can search for bars and pubs by their name, location, or tags. Every bar and pub have its own profile page with address and contact information, pictures, average check and other users reviews.